Group Okvip Latest Recruitment Notice March 2024

Group Okvip Just released new information about recruitment positions. The group is in need of additional human resources, so it recruits many employees with high salaries. If you want to find yourself a stable job, follow the following information to learn more about Okvip’s compensation.

Why should you choose to apply for a job at Okvip?

Aiming for comprehensive development, product expansion and ensuring service quality, Okvip announces staff recruitment. Okvip recruitment said that the company is a great choice when you want to have a stable job. The benefits that the company offers include:

  • High salary: On average, the salary Okvip pays to employees will be about 0/2% to 0.3% higher than the market. Therefore, coming to the company, employees can have a salary of over 50,000,000 VND per month.
  • Monthly bonus and KPI: Not only is the salary guaranteed, the company’s bonus is also quite generous. Each month, employees receive bonuses according to KPIs. Besides, there are bonuses every Tet holiday.
  • Working environment: Modern working space, fully equipped with support equipment. In addition, Okvip reassure everyone that your colleagues are friendly so you feel quite comfortable.
  • Have opportunities to develop themselves: The Group operates in many fields such as entertainment and media, so employees have the opportunity to interact with large projects and develop themselves.
  • Employee training: The company provides many skills courses to improve job knowledge to help people become competent and develop themselves.
  • Dormitory support: For employees working offline, the company provides transportation support to headquarters, dormitories and related aspects.

Okvip recruitment has many benefits

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Latest jobs recruited by Okvip in 2024

The brand is one of the companies operating in multiple industries in media – entertainment and providing games. Therefore, the company Okvip recruitment about many positions in the following work areas:

SEO personnel

The SEO department is focused when the company wants to shape and develop the website. Currently, everyone who chooses to work with Okvip can apply online and offline. Jobs for SEO staff include:

  • Leader SEO: Employees working directly at the company headquarters. Starting salary is 30,000,000 VND.
  • SEO staff: Starting salary from 12,000,000 VND for online positions and 15,000,000 VND for offline employees.
  • Content SEO: Salary starts from 15,000,000 VND for online positions and 17,000,000 VND for employees who choose to work offline.

IT staff

InformationsOkvip recruitmentThe latest shows that the group is recruiting a large number of employees in the IT sector.

  • IT Website: Offline working position at company headquarters. Monthly salary can range from 40,000 to 50,000,000 VND.
  • IT Mobile Developer: People can choose to register to work online or offline.
  • System Administrator: Online and offline job positions are waiting for you.
  • IT App: Recruitment company working at headquarters and online.

In the IT segment, the company requires everyone to have 6 months or more work experience. Everyone must be proficient in programming languages ​​and handle the requirements well. IT personnel are involved in the process of creating, designing, maintaining and maintaining websites and apps.


Okvip recruits IT positions

Customer care personnel

Regarding the customer care and recruitment departmentOK Need positions like:

  • Dealer Specialist
  •  Customer care, import and export

Everyone applying for the job is guaranteed to have good improvisation ability, communication and quick handling of situations. Accordingly, Okvip requires staff to receive, process as well as search and approach agents. Depending on each position, the job will have different requirements. The current salary for the customer service department will range from 10,000,000 VND or more.

Advertising personnel

Advertising Manager, Advertising Assistant and Advertising Executive are positions that Okvip is recruiting for. InformationOkvip recruitment said that the company pays salaries from 25,000,000 VND per month to advertising staff. People can choose to do it online or offline. However, for each position, the salary will be different.


The company recruits advertising staff positions

Okvip recruitment registration process

If you want to apply for Okvip, everyone should master the registration process. Information from recruitmentOK:

  • Step 1: Contact HR’sOK To better understand the job, please apply to JD.
  • Step 2: Submit your job application via HR email.
  • Step 3: Participate in the interview and discuss about the job, salary, etc.
  • Step 4: The candidate receives the job and is supported in aspects such as transportation, immigration, etc. After stabilization, the candidate receives a job and support from the company.


Job application process at Okvip company


RecruitmentOK is the latest information of the year. The company recruits positions with high salaries, generous bonuses and work commitments. Therefore, everyone can find out the above information when they want to apply.